Genesis eNews Extended

Last Updated: 14-Jan-2014, Latest Stable: ver. 1.4.0

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Genesis eNews Extended History

I use Genesis by StudioPress now. When helping install one of their themes, I didn’t like having to really screw around with CSS to make a non-Feedburner subscribe form look the same way as the subscribe forms in the demos. This plugin fixed that.

In addition, Brian Gardner reached out to me about Genesis 1.9. In 1.9, StudioPress began to depreciate the eNews Widget is Genesis core and recommends this plugin in its place. The previous eNews widget will be completely removed in Genesis 2.0

Lastly, while designed with Genesis in mind, there is nothing in the plugin that would prevent it from functioning on a non-Genesis site.

Download the latest stable version: Genesis eNews Extended 1.4.0

The widget asks for the form action, the e-mail field name and any hidden fields. On your mailing list provider’s code, copy/paste the<form action="COPY JUST THIS PART"> into the form action box and the <input name="THIS FIELD" type="text" /> of the e-mail form field into the “e-mail field” name box. If your service uses hidden fields <input type="hidden"...>, paste that in the proper box. (More detailed tutorials for select services.)

I’ve confirmed it works with Feedburner, MailChimp, Constant Contact, FeedBlitz and others.

Known Issues: Tracked on GitHub. 


Visit the changelog.


For support, please create a post on the Support Page for the eNews Extended plugin. I receive each post and others in the future can see it to help them self-resolve issues.

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