According to FeedBlitz, you can find this by “logging into FeedBlitz, go to your Newsletter Center, and click the HTML subscription form button on the right.”

Most likely, you’ll need to include
as the form action field,
as the e-mail field name, and
something like this¬†for the hidden fields (it’ll vary as this is what tells feedblitz what list to subscribe the visitors:

<input name="EMAIL_" maxlength="64" type="hidden" size="25" value="">
<input name="EMAIL_ADDRESS" maxlength="64" type="hidden" size="25" value="">
<input name="FEEDID" type="hidden" value="UNIQUE VALUE">
<input name="PUBLISHER" type="hidden" value="UNIQUE VALUE">

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MailChimp Tutorial

Carrie Dils has put together a great video tutorial on setting on MailChimp. I highly suggest giving it a quick watch!

Genesis Goodies wrote a great written tutorial on MailChimp. Instead of duplicating their work, you should just check them out and read their MailChimp-eNews Extended tutorial.

That should be it!

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Travis Van Slooten sent me the following information to help those using Aweber:

  • For the form action field, use:
  • For the email field, use “email” (without quotes)
  • For the hidden fields, it will contain account-specific information. They’ll look something like this:
    <input type="hidden" name="meta_web_form_id" value="[[user specific number]]" />
    <input type="hidden" name="meta_split_id" value="" />
    <input type="hidden" name="listname" value="ao-primary-list" />
    <input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="<wbr>thankyou-coi.htm?m=text" id="redirect_[[user specific number]]" />
    <input type="hidden" name="meta_adtracking" value="Main_Web_Form" />
    <input type="hidden" name="meta_message" value="1" />
    <input type="hidden" name="meta_required" value="email" />
    <input type="hidden" name="meta_tooltip" value="email||Email" />

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact doesn’t make it easy to grab the code required. This tutorial has been successful for other Constant Contact users.

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Mad Mimi

Brad wrote up an excellent tutorial for Mad Mimi over on his site. Check it out!

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You’re adding the name fields and see something funky…

What the hell? This looks like trash!
What the hell? This looks like trash!

I agree. This looks bad. Previously, the plugin just built a form that utilized the existing styling that StudioPress used in their themes. StudioPress, though, didn’t include styling for other fields besides e-mail address. Some themes, like Streamline, include an icon that wouldn’t make sense in every field.

The fix is easy though. I will start posting suggested CSS for the various StudioPress themes. Please note: As this is a free plugin that I provide without compensation except the thus-far non-present donations, I will entertain requests for StudioPress themes, available in the Pro Pack, that I haven’t done, but I do not have the bandwidth to assist on custom themes.

Minimum 2.0

In this case, this is the Minimum 2.0 theme. It’s an easy fix to get it to look better. Open up the style.css in the Minimum theme and change this on line 1217:

.enews #subbox, .s {

to this:

.enews #subbox, #subbox1, #subbox2, .s {

Presto chango:

That's better!
That’s better!

Some folks are nonplussed by Minimum’s lack of submit button. A little freebie. In style.css, open it and head to line 1237. Change it from

.enews #subbutton, .searchsubmit {


.searchsubmit {

That works for some folks, but what if you want it on the same line as the e-mail address. In that case, add this to your style.css

.enews #subbox {
width: 77%;

That’ll give you:

Whoa nelly!
Whoa nelly!

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Edit line 1297 to from

.enews #subbox {


.enews #subbox, .enews #subbox1, .enews #subbox2 {
Example in Executive 2.0
Example in Executive 2.0

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Metro includes out-of-the-box support for the name fields, though if you use them in the after-post area, it may look funky. Replace the section starting at line 1427 with the following to fix that up.

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Find the line in style.css that says
.enews #subbox {
and change it to
.enews #subbox, .enews #subbox1 {
then after the closing } of that section, add

.enews #subbox1 {
background: #fff;

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More to come, but a taste for now. You don’t have to use both fields and just need to make sure that your name field name matches what you’re mailing list provider is expecting. Have a particular StudioPress theme you want support for, submit a ticket at the plugin’s forum.

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