Burrito != Sandwich

In what may well be the best legal opinion I’ve read this week—after all, I read so many—a Superior Court in Massachusetts has ruled that a burrito is not a sandwich.

Nor is a taco or a quesadilla.

A civil action involving a couple of restaurants and a mall came down to the definition of sandwich, as there was a clause in the lease indicating that another “sandwich” shop could not open in the shopping center that was being cited against a Mexican restaurant.

The judge, displaying wisdom beyond his years, found that

the term sandwich [does not] include burritos, tacos, and quesadillas.

[...] as dictated by common sense, this court finds that the term “sandwich” is not commonly understood to include burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, which are typically made with a single tortilla and stuffed with a choice of filling of meat, rice, and beans.

A wise legal decision we should all heed to.

A wise legal decision we should all heed to.

To read the entire ruling, from 2006, read it over at Courthouse News.


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    How about the current KFC offering—2 breaded chicken patties, cheese, bacon. No bread but they’re calling it a sandwich. Perhaps there’s too much rigidity in the important subject of food definitions. ;)

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