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The Month of Blogging

For the month of April, fellow Automattician Justin Shreve challenged the company to make a point to publish some blog post every day of the month, seven days a week. The challenge was extremely hard, frankly. Some posts, like this one, were posted simply to follow the letter of the rule, not the spirit. Life […]

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RunKeeper Knows

Does RunKeeper follow my Untappd feed? They sent me an e-mail inviting to start training again. I suppose 60 beers in two days (so far) requires a dedicated exercise effort to offset.

Blazin’ Fast Internet

After a few hiccups, the first of two speed upgrades to the home Internet service was installed today. We’re promised an automatic second upgrade to 1 gigabit this summer, though I’m not sure I’ll really be able to tell the difference between 300 Mbps and 1000 Mbps. This is already incredibly fast.

Jetpack Publicize with WooCommerce Products

This code snippet, for your theme’s functions.php or in a core functionality plugin adds Jetpack’s Publicize feature to WooCommerce products. This would allow you to auto-post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc when you post a new WooCommerce product to your site.

Google Buys Nest

Google buys Nest for $3.2b in cash. Apparently, they found the money under the stack of warm blankets in the closet after their thermometer broke. Made more sense to buy the company instead of just one.

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