Defying Physics

I only took one year of physics coursework, so it is my weakest science, yet, I think I experienced something this morning that will likely disprove a theory or two.

There is no possible way a full bowl of cereal and milk falling from a height of 0.75 meters could create a “splash zone” on the floor as seen this morning in our dining room.

If anyone was praying to a holy person to multiply Cheerios and milk at approximately 6:35 a.m. this morning, please let me know. I think this would have to qualify as a miracle.

Free Beer for Dads

Doc’s Bar and Grill’s 38th Street location across from Seton Medical Center and the Waterloo that sat there before is known well throughout the labor & delivery ward as the place that’ll give dads a free beer with their hospital bracelet.

We had Teresa at Seton too, but I never made it across the street to enjoy the beer.

One advantage—silver lining is perhaps a better term—of having the girls in the NICU is you explore the area around the hospital more. The cafeteria is fine and has enough of a selection to get you through the normal hospital stay, but after a week, it gets repetitive.

In this case, we needed food later, after the cafeteria closed. Going to Doc’s to pick up some food, they notice my bracelet and offered a beer. Looking closer, “why do you have two? One for each day or something?”. “Nope, I have twins up in the NICU.”

Turning to the manager, our bartender said “Did you hear that? Twins!”. “Give him a shot too; he needs it.”

Tried the new-to-me Guns and Oil Maverick Lager with a shot of Patrón.
Tried the new-to-me Guns and Oil Maverick Lager with a shot of Patrón.

It took the edge off of a long day. While Dads are no greater than third when childbirth is involved, it was a nice treat that has won me over to think of Doc’s favorably.

For more on the twins and how they’re doing, follow along on our family blog at For more of my Daddy reflections, check out In Search of Fatherhood

Daddyblog: Father’s Role at Delivery

The important part—the take away—is that the father’s job is to be the chief advocate for your family.

With our newest additions, took a few minutes to write about what my job is during labor, delivery, and the time following.

Source: At Delivery: A Father’s Role | In Search of Fatherhood

Alamo Serves It Up Twice

Today, we watched a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse‘s recently reopened South Lamar location which was preceded by the released-that-day Star Wars Episode VII trailer.

After it ran through, in Alamo fashion, the screen went black with text asking if we wanted to watch it again and ordering the protectionist to roll again.

Then, they aired the trailer a second time.