WordCamp Austin Tickets!

Tickets for WordCamp Austin this weekend are still available. With five tracks over two days, plus a contributor’s day featuring Nacin, Otto, and a number of folks from the Core Team, you won’t want to miss it.

Tickets can be bought/reserved at http://2014.austin.wordcamp.org/tickets/

More details about the event at http://2014.austin.wordcamp.org/

I’m really excited about the great line up of speakers and the amazing schedule.

If you’re going to be there, especially if we haven’t met before, please do find me and introduce yourself!

The Oddest Bug

I learned on Twitter last night that one bug in 3.9 is the inability to drag text into the WordPress Editor. That’s right, apparently, you could (at least on a Mac) drag text from another program right into a WP post.

Go ahead. Fire up a 3.8 instance and try it.

3.9 allows direct file drag and dropping into the editor (skipping the “Add Media” step), which breaks the ability to drag text into the editor.

I’ve never known this was possible before, so I don’t have a dog in getting it fixed, but the oddity of it is keeping me interested.

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